Aaron Sneddon Press & Aerial Photographer Scotland

Aerial Photography from fixed wing aircraft, Helikite and UAV and Press Imaging

Aerial photography from fixed wing aircraft and tethered Helium Balloon.

Aerial Photography?

Yes, I take images UK wide using a tethered Aerostat. My rig is a large Blue Balloon (Bluebird) tethered using high tech Dyneema line and a stabilised radio controlled DSLR pan/tilt camera rig. Images come out clear, and the rig can be used where many UAV's and fixed wing aircraft cant, such as London City. When high altitude images are to be taken, I utilise a fixed wing single engine aircraft for a flyover, circuiting the target area gathering images as I fly! All flights with the Helikite are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. You can find Aerial Scotland aerial photography at www.aerialscotland.co.uk

Kite - I use a 3 Metre sled kite with stabilised rig and Nikon DSLR to take high quality aerial photographs of buildings, building sites, events, heritage sites and more. As long as there is space, 10-20MPH wind and no nearby power lines, I can capture images from over 1000 Feet. Note for aerial images over 60 Metres, 30 days notice is required for the purposes of Civil Aviation Authority clearance.

For research projects and not for profit assignments, I operate a Gaui quadcopter and a DJI full GPS enabled unit with HD video and still imaging capability. Note I am not yet licenced to use the quadcopters commercially, so am unable to use these for commercial projects, only non reimbursed ones, so use is at my discretion ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). I am insured to use the quadcopters for research and not for profit purposes. I contract work to two UAV pilots so am able to provide Aerial Imaging from quadcopters for commercial purposes via these partners.

Pole Aerial Photography?

Yes! I use a custom built extendable portable pole to create elevated images. Whether it be an archaeological dig or corporate company headquarters, the pole is a fantastic way of creating a single photo, or for something a little different, a multi image stitched panorama.


Press photography?

Certainly! I work with a number of UK organisations and companies to create images for print and online publishing. With a 4x4, high quality camera equipment and GPS tagging, I can photograph almost any location or event.


From Greece to Romania and Germany, the USA and other countries, I can often cover worldwide assignments with only 24 Hours notice. For assignments in Scotland it is often possible to be on location within hours of a call.


I love Flickr, which is why I upload much of my work on it. See my Flickr photostream Here!

How do I contact you?

You can email me any time (As soon as you send it, it will beep in my pocket!) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do I connect?

I'm on Twitter: http://twitter.com/aaronsneddon

I blog too: http://scottishphotographer.blogspot.co.uk/